YorkMix – Pie Week celebrations

York’s best pies – a slice of perfection in a pastry case

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To celebrate Great British Pie Week we sent food writer Claire Davies to track down perfection under pastry. This is her report

Golden goodness… a Mr And Mrs Fisher pie. Photograph: Richard McDougall

In the year 43AD the Romans begin their conquest of the British Isles.

They bring with them many new foodstuffs that will become ingrained in the English food culture, introduce modern farming practices and demonstrate a number of revolutionary cooking techniques.

One of these methods – the baking of meat and gravy in a pastry casing – is embraced by the natives.

Jump forward to the 15th century and the inedible pastry ‘coffin’ evolves into a more delectable mixture of fat, flour and water. This makes way for a variety of recipes from classic apple to the ubiquitous pork pie.

So the British love affair with the pie begins. Last week was Great British Pie Week, and I used it to track down the finest in the city. Here is my favourite selection of pies to be found across York.

Best pie to eat out


Me and Mrs Fisher’s Friday Pie Day

This welcoming craft café on Lord Mayors Walk celebrates the start of the weekend by offering diners the chance to order their cheese, leek and potato pie.

Served with salad, coleslaw and chutney this delicious pie is a tasty choice for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. It’s also great value at £6.95.

Best pie to take home


The York Pie Company Steak Pie

This locally made pie from The York Pie Company has a generous filling of British beef and is the recipient of more than one Gold Award.

Perfect to take home for tea and available from Swain Family butchers in York market for just £1.65. You can also find The York Pie Company through theirFacebook page.

Best pie made to order


Alice’s Apron Caterers

The round up wouldn’t be complete without a sweet fruit pie. This one comes from Alice’s Apron in Easingwold, set up by Natasha Howard in 2013.

She provides a variety of baked goods for special occasions and her crumble topped apple pies are delicious. Details of how to order these classic pies can befound on Facebook.

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