How to Write a Great About Us page

A successful About Us page is a wonderful thing. This is where you can shout about a rich history or champion your team of people working behind the scenes. But too often this chance for great brand storytelling is neglected as an after thought. If your About Us page isn’t living up to its potential, here are a few pointers to get it jump started.

Sound like a human being

Many small and micro business owners prefer hiding behind a screen of formality, even on the page which is supposed to be about you. Stick to a conversational tone and remove buzzwords or industry language. Be a real person, not a salesman.

Give some consideration to the point of view – have you written it in third or first person? Why? Was this a conscious action or automatic? Try changing the point of view, you might be surprised by how it alters the tone and message.

This is the place to talk about voluntary roles or charity partnerships. Readers want to here how you are using your business to make a positive impact.

 Make eye contact

I mean this in a literal sense. Good quality photographs of you and your staff can make a huge difference to your About page. Include some interesting tidbits such as your favourite treat, how you spend your time when you’re not working or what you love most about your industry. Remember my previous blog on developing¬† Know, Like, Trust with copywriting? This is your chance.

It’s not all about you!

After everything that I’ve just said, this point can be confusing. The About Us page is about you but – as with everything in business – it’s actually the customer who comes first. This simple exercise can help to make this point clearer.

A) Pick out three facts about yourself that you would like to communicate on your About page.

B) Think about these facts in relation to your customer. Does each one tell the customer why they should choose you over the competition?

C) Now rewrite your three facts, keeping the point of view of the customer in mind.

Ultimately, this is your chance to be creative, show a flash of personality and persuade visitors that they would rather do business with you than the faceless corporation boys up the road. What’s stopping you?


I am a freelance writer with a passion for people and the conviction that great stories can rock their world. With my copywriting, editing and workshop training I will help you find your voice and tell the right stories to the right people. Call Claire on 07928122079 for an informal chat and book a free 121 over a cup of coffee.

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