‘Unchained’ – A touch of vegan glamour on York Shambles market

A glance into York’s independent food scene

York’s daily market has undergone a lot of changes in the last twelve months. As the dust settles on the new market space I stopped by Melrose Organics to ask Jodie Barber why she had decided to join the newly christened York Shambles Market.


Originally from Sheffield, Jodie moved to Los Angeles to study Visual Communications with the intention of pursuing a career in fashion. During her time in California she became caught up with the trend for organic and ‘clean eating’ sweeping across the West Coast .

“Soon after changing my diet I noticed a big improvement in the condition of my skin and hair. And I generally felt a lot healthier too. That was seven years ago now.”

In 2013 she relocated back to Britain and found herself working as a stylist for Marks and Spencers in York. Frustrated with the lack of organic and vegan food on offer in the city Jodie took action and Melrose Organics was born. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs she is not remotely fazed by the idea of setting out on her own and feels sure that there is a generation of stylish, fashion conscious customers looking for healthy food options to fit into their busy lifestyle.

“I want to show that vegan and organic food is about more than brown rice and eating beans,” urges Jodie. “It has moved on a lot since then. I try to provide plenty of options for people with different allergies and dietary requirements too.”

wpid-imag0444.jpgThe stall has a range of whole wheat  wraps and boxed salads that are inspiring to even the most committed of carnivores. Jodie complements these with a choice of seasonal juices and guilt free sweet treats. I can safely vouch for the delicious sweet potato, mustard and hummus salad and have regularly dropped by just to pick up a bottle of her excellent chocolate almond milk.

Jodie aims to one day find Melrose Organics a permanent home on our high street but is enjoying being part of the York Shambles Market in the meantime. You can’t fail to see the enthusiasm she holds for ‘clean’ eating, and I agree that whether a committed vegan, or simply looking for a healthy lunch alternative, there is plenty to make a hungry foodie like myself very happy.

Jodie can be found Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday on York Shambles Market.

Melrose Organics can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  as @Melrose_Organic or contacted at info@melrose-organic.com. Check out the website for information on products and keep up to date with changes.

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