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Three great podcasts to improve your writing in 2018

I am an obsessive book owner. Cookery books, writing books, marketing books – the collection outgrew our home years ago and is now slowly taking over the office. As a food writer and small business owner, I am constantly on a journey to increase my knowledge and improve the service that I offer my clients.

As much as I love the printed word, there are some fantastic development tools available online. From professional blogs to a downloadable pdf, the opportunities for learning are limitless. For me, 2017 was the year of the podcast. I love the flexibility of listening as and when it suits me, they certainly make the washing up a more interesting task!

So what do you look for in a decent podcast? I like those that combine solid, practical advice with engaging interviews with people in the field. I also enjoy listening to presenters who acknowledge and address the realities of self-employment. It can help to know that someone I perceive as being super successful still struggles with the same day to day challenges that I do.

On that note, here are the three writing podcasts that I recommend checking out for 2018. They are well established and have a strong back catalogue to explore. Enjoy listening and let me know if you have a favourite podcast that I should add to my listening list.


The Hot Copy Podcast with Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver

In this monthly podcast, Kate and Belinda offer a mix of advice for freelance copywriters (just how much should you charge for your services…) with tips on how to write better copy that sells.  With decades of experience under their collective belt, they have a lot to offer the average listener and they do it all in a fun and unpatronising manner.

The Writer Files with Kelton Reid

A more sedate affair than my first example, Kelton Reid interviews writers about their work and approach to the craft. His laid back but respectful interview style makes for easy listening, with inspirational and fascinating results.

I Should Be Writing with Mur Lafferty

This reflective podcast examines the motivations, barriers and achievements faced by many amateur writers. An experienced writer herself, Mur Lafferty takes an honest look at the realities, from dealing with writer’s block to understanding the ‘rules’ of writing.


Can you recommend a podcast for me to check out this year? What do you love about it and how does it help you in your business? Let me know in the comments below.

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