Thanks to the internet, your website is often the first point of contact with a potential client. The online world is a noisy, competitive marketplace, concentration spans are short and loyalty is easily swayed.

Content marketing is a planned approach focused on attracting and keeping the attention of your target audience.

Well written content plays nicely with the Google robots, increasing your visibility in a search. It grabs audience attention and persuades people to stick around.

Blog posts, product reviews, case studies and e-books  - these are just a few examples of how you can engage your audience online.

Whether you want someone to buy into your latest product release or sign up to an awareness campaign - the content you choose will make or break your success.

A copywriter has the expertise to help you understand your target audience and the content that is meaningful for them. Good content speaks to this audience, helps you to make their lives easier,  happier, healthier. It inspires loyalty, educates and positions you as an authority. Great content marketing turns all of this into action.

How I Work - Many of my clients hire me to write their content for them. Others tap into my 'Big Sister' service for editing and mentoring support. Either way, it all starts with a one to one clarity session over a cup of coffee.

Who I Work With - From a bespoke kitchen designer to a regional solicitors firm, my content clients vary greatly in size and industry. Crucially, I work with people who can see the value of sharing informative, brand building content with their ideal client groups.

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