If your marketing content is attracting the wrong leads or falling on deaf ears, it may be because you don't understand your audience. It is tempting to see everyone as a potential customer or assume that your audience thinks exactly like you. This can lead to bland content that confuses or alienates.

Ideal Client Profiling is a method of identifying and documenting the unique characteristics of your ideal customer. This enables you to understand who you are speaking to, what they are looking for, how and why. From developing a new service to crafting the perfect blog post - everything we do must be guided by the needs of the consumer.

A copywriter has the expertise to help you understand your ideal client and the messages that are meaningful to them. Effective marketing speaks to your audience, demonstrates how you will make their lives easier,  happier, healthier. It inspires loyalty and sets you apart from the competition. Great marketing turns all of this into action.

How I Work - Each copywriting project begins with a clarity session where we identify the needs, values and psychology of your ideal client. Small group profiling sessions can be booked to help you and your marketing team, with in-house training options also available.

Who I Work With - From traditional manufacturing to rural enterprise schemes, I deliver one to one advice and training in a number of formats.

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"“In business, you cannot be everything to everyone. It confuses the consumer”" Wendy Nicole Anderson