Sweet cicely waffle at Herbs Unlimited open day

Do you need to hit the refresh button?

I’m back to the keyboard after visiting the Herbs Unlimited team on their open day yesterday. Lots of delicious food from the ever brilliant Stephanie Moon, and a fascinating look at the care and hard work that goes into putting these beautiful herbs on our plates.

The sweet cicely waffle with bacon and maple syrup will not be forgotten easily.

I love the way that freelancing enables me to meet others doing fascinating work right on my doorstep. (Particularly when I get to indulge in my favourite pastime – eating!) With the day-to-day pressures that come from meeting client deadlines, paying the bills, business development (pile of business books anyone?) it’s easy to forget that self-employment is about so much more than increasing our bottom line. Many of us chose to go down this route because we yearned for more than the 9-5 treadmill had to offer, and felt sure that doing it for ourselves would allow us to experience life in a totally different way.

If we lose track of those early aspirations we can end up trapped on a treadmill of our own making. As much I love writing, I have been feeling far too busy recently, (for busy, read working like a headless chicken) and when the invitation to attend yesterday’s event came I also turned it down. The chance to eat, drink and meet other people who love business and food – and I almost didn’t go. It’s crackers.

I am so glad that I did attend. I find taking time out with others both inspiring and energising. As a writer I need to get out there and live, otherwise, I run the risk of having nothing interesting to say. As well as finding out more about the excellent work that goes on behind the scenes at Herbs Unlimited, yesterday reminded me of the reasons why I got into this game in the first place.

I have come back to a long to-do list. But I approach it with a totally different mindset to the one that I had on Monday. That has to be good for everyone, including my valuable clients.

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