Editing & Mentoring Services

Many small business owners enjoy the creative energy to be found in writing their own content. Sometimes budget restraints make hiring a copywriter challenging, or perhaps you simply need a professional to provide a guiding hand.

I designed this editing service as a direct response to the changing needs of solo and micro business owners. It is a flexible process that can be applied to a single project, regular content demands and long term brand storytelling.

In depth one to one meeting

This targeted, 90 minute session allows me to get a deeper understanding of your brand values, explore your ideal client profiles and identify the most effective language and tone of voice. It also enables us to identify the kind of support you need to achieve your goals. You will receive a written summary of the discussion that can be used to inform content creation in the future.

Once your initial needs have been identified we can move on to developing effective content together. This can happen in a number of ways, here are just a few examples of how it might work for you.

Blog planning, writing and editing

Get help with planning a realistic and engaging blog campaign for the next six months. On top of practical editing support, I can help you understand your writing ‘personality’, where to research and credit reliable sources and how to reflect a consistent brand story in every post.
£45 per blog post

Persuasive copywriting skills

You are fairly confident in your technical writing skills but don’t know where to start with the art of persuasive copywriting. On top of practical editing support, I will help you gain a firm understanding of who you are speaking to, stay on track with your marketing aims and maintain a consistent brand message across all channels.
£40.00 an hour

Tone of voice and brand guidelines

Hone an authentic tone of voice that is honest to your brand personality. At the same time, effective copywriting must reflect the kind of language that your clients will relate to. On top of practical editing support, we will develop easy to follow guidelines that guarantee a consistent and engaging message across all channels.
£40.00 an hour

Tell Me Your Story

Before we work together I'd like to know about your business, I invite you tell me all about your business and what you are looking to achieve over a pot of tea. This is an initial getting to know you session where we can both decide whether we would like to work together going forward.
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Editing & Training Services

Writing Services

Copywriting services to help businesses tell their story online and offline. I have a range of packages to suit your business needs.

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Training & Workshops

A series of half day workshops and learning seminars to help you improve your own understanding of the principles guiding effective copywriting.

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"Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell"
- Seth Godin

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