Claire Davies Food Writer On SofaI am constantly amazed by the fantastic creative projects happening every day in the north of England.

My early writing path focused on food, drink and social history. Building on my previous career as an occupational therapist, I am fascinated by the role that words and food play in our communities and for individuals. This has led to involvement in a number of local projects, aimed in some way at the people living in York and the surrounding areas.

I have contributed a wide variety of work, from written content for a local street theatre performance, to writing and demonstrating unique recipes based on Viking archaeological findings.

Areas of Expertise - The history of food and drink, seasonal cooking and eating, mental wellbeing, sustainable and ethical food choices, recipes writing, communication skills, storytelling.

How I Can Help - Unique recipe development and demonstration, creative non-fiction writing, research and reporting, workshops and training, seminars or public speaking.

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"“Creativity about life, in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”" Leo Burnett