Do you love writing for your business blog but feel a bit stuck in a rut? Here are ten different blog post styles for you to try.


The list is an effective but simple way to lay out the information you want to share. You can think in odd numbers; 3 places to visit in the south of France, 5 ways to fix a bicycle etc. Or go large with 10, 12, 15 or even 21!


This a great way of creating content that you know your ideal client will find useful. Think about some of the most commonly asked questions regarding your industry, your business and how you operate. Voila!

How To

From instructional guides on how to prepare your car for long journeys, to guidance on how to hire the right wedding photographer; the How To style is another straightforward way to present useful information. Think about how you can help people engage with your industry, make the most of a product they have bought from you or protect themselves from falling foul of commonly encountered mistakes.


As a writer this is one of my favourite blog post styles. It's also a great way to get started if, as a new blogger, you are wary of talking about yourself. Sit down with someone who inspires you to keep going forward, another business owner with a story to tell, or introduce a new member of staff.

Product Review

If you are a product based business there are lots of bloggers out there looking to try, and review your product. Invite someone to do just that and write a guest post for your blog. Or perhaps there is a product that you use everyday in your business that you love, and you think your clients might also find it useful. There are lots of ways to interpret this style, consider how it might apply to you.

Behind the Scenes

Open your door to your readers and show them how someone in your line of work spends their day. 'Behind the scenes' posts are perfect for relationship building, developing the elusive 'Know, Like,Trust' that marketing experts are always talking about.


Expressing an opinion can be scary to a new writer. It can feel easier if, in sharing an opinion, you use it as a way to encourage dialogue and invite people to share their own views.

Event Review

Business owners spend a lot of time out and about at networking events, training days and conference days. We forget that our audience might like to hear about some of these events, particularly if there is a chance they can attend themselves in the future. Let people know where you have been, why, and most of all how you found it interesting, fun or useful.

Case Study

Case studies are a fantastic way of elaborating on client testimonials, telling the story behind why someone came to you, how your business solved their challenges or made them happy, and demonstrating the great customer experience buyers get when they engage with your business. If you don't have a portfolio or testimonials page, regular case studies on your blog make a good alternative.


Be brave, put on your favourite top, brush your hair - and switch on the camera function on your laptop. This style isn't for everyone, but it can be fun once you get used to the camera. Oh, and don't forget to breathe.

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