Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby…

Oh, I’m sorry. This is a business site. I forgot the rules there for a second. So, no sex. How about religion?


Politics then.

No politics either?

It can be tough as a business owner, when the world tries to force you into following a set of rules. Many people will advise you to take the safe route. Don’t express a strong opinion, you might alienate a potential customer. But passion can be strong, staying quiet frustrating. Today is the 9th of June 2017. As I write the country is facing a hung parliament. Uncertainty abounds. I’m struggling to concentrate on client work as I keep jumping onto the live news channels to check for developments – since I last looked 3 minutes ago. Conversations on social media indicate that I’m not the only one. Regardless of your political leaning, today is a day of trepidation. For many, the last few weeks have provided a difficult backdrop to running a business. Some feel scared, others excited. Energies are running high, as is the anxiety.

Authenticity doesn’t just apply to world politics.

Business owners don’t operate in a bubble, behind walls of glass that are impermeable to real life. My business is a part of my bigger story – one of chronic illness, mental health issues (mine and my spouse) and living on the financial edge. These experiences influence not only the type of person I have become, but also the type of business owner I choose to be.

My left wing tendencies are a strong part of my personality at home, should they be articulated in my business personality too? Equally, the challenges of running a freelance business can be quite stressful. If I am not open and honest about the challenges I face, if we are not open and honest to each other, how can we know that we are not alone in our fears and gain support from others with greater experience?

I’m still working out the answer. There are so many complicating factors, only you can decide which direction to take. When you come to a conclusion, I’d love to hear your reasons.

P.S – If you are wondering who on earth would bring politics into business, check out the Twitter feed for The Haxby Bakehouse in York. Equally, the inspiring Alison Goodwin of Centred Yoga elegantly weaves her passion for womens issues into the fabric of her yoga and coaching.


If you can get past my left wing tendencies and need help communicating the right messages to the right people, with the right words in the right places – call Claire Davies on 07928122079.

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