Claire Davies Food Writer On Sofa

Getting Around Creative Blocks – Living a Creative Life

When you want to write, but don’t know where to start, what do you do?

I write for a living. Or I’m paid to talk about writing and trigger inspiration in business owners who are struggling to craft a clear brand narrative.

In the beginning, writing was a creative outlet, not the way I paid my bills. The calling is strong, the need to be creative is as much part of me as my shaved hair and tendency to talk too much when I’m nervous.


Blank page syndrome, writer’s block, creative slowdown – whatever term you use. Even the most productive among us face it. Overwhelmed with ideas, a worried mind in a stressful age, even electric lighting and the buzz of technology – these can all stifle our natural ability to create.

It’s such a popular topic of conversation that I have started asking people for their individual tips on beating the block. Here are the three most common answers, I hope you find them useful.


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