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Powerful stories will transport an audience to a world where triumph rules over adversity, their utmost desires are met and challenges can be beaten in one short step.

In business, authentic storytelling will help you connect with customers and employees in a meaningful way – enabling you to build a profitable business surrounded by people who share your values and understand what you are trying to achieve.

Copywriter and Consultant

You are passionate about what you do. You deliver a fantastic service to your customers and you can’t wait to show even more people how you will rock their world.

Finding the right message can be difficult – the fear of not getting it right often paralysing. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time and your business has evolved, making your existing copy irrelevant. From weekly blog posts to pitching at a networking event – the stories you tell will directly influence your success.

Together we will finely tune your brand message, get under the skin of your ideal clients and define a compelling narrative strategy.

My approach is pragmatic and easy to understand, flexible enough to fit your particular goals. Whether you require a writer to knuckle down and write your new website copy, or a consultant to take a detailed look at your overall brand message – give me a call.

Strategic Narrative Consultant & Trainer

Scientific studies show that the human brain is incredibly receptive to information shared through the medium of a story. A clear strategic narrative will drive team members forward towards a shared goal, show top industry talent why they should choose to work with your brand over the competition, even improve the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Whether your aim is to encourage better collaboration, reinvigorate your brand vision or improve productivity – give me a call.

Food, Drink and Recipe Writer

Second only to my passion for storytelling and communication, my writing heart beats with independent food and drink. Fascinated by the history and social context of what we eat, you will find a number of articles on the blog that reflect the role of food in thriving communities. Commercially, I specialise in developing unique recipes based on historical influences, seasonality and locality.

Whether you require a selection of bespoke recipes to include in your marketing content plan or creative input for a community project – give me a call.

How Do You Get In Touch? Drop me a line on 07928122079

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My Story

Claire Davies Food Writer On Sofa

As a writer and narrative strategist, I provide copywriting services, consultancy and training to organisations in the north of England. I will help you understand the benefits of authentic storytelling and build a successful business around a cohesive narrative.

Together we will explore the stories that give your brand meaning; both internally and as part of your marketing plan.

My previous career in the NHS gives me a unique understanding of individual psychology – how emotion, language and experience shape our thinking and behaviour. This insight enables me to help you construct a clear brand message that acts to inspire, engage and create momentum.

Food and drink writing may seem like odd partners alongside my copywriting and strategy work, but in my mind, they fit together perfectly. Just like the stories we tell, food plays a crucial part in drawing people together, cementing relationships and acting as a vessel for communication.

In essence, in all comes to down to a love of people – the businesses we run, the communities we create and the food we share.

My Services

Whether you need attention grabbing website copy, a strategic brand narrative or in-house training – together we will craft a message that inspires action.

Our Story

Every business is different.

We are all unique, with a variety of needs, priorities and objectives. Together we will tell an authentic narrative that drives momentum and creates change.

So that you can get the best out of me, I have developed a four-step approach that allows us to get to know each other, agree on a set of goals and develop a long-term plan.

I need to understand your business. You need confidence in my ability to meet your needs. Join me for a chat over a cuppa so that we can both decide if we can work together.

What My Clients Say

"We have worked with Claire on a number of projects and she has added real value to each of them. Claire can work as part of a team or independently and this adaptability is really useful to us. Her copywriting is of a consistently high standard and deadlines are never missed! The best thing about Claire is that she's a really good person and a joy to work with. We like Claire! Highly recommended!" - Stephen Cree, Orange Crush Digital
"We like to work with 'nice people' at Middlethorpe Interiors so it was a pleasure to work with Claire. Always curious and respectful Claire took her time to understand our business values and how we work with our clients. She earned our trust very quickly as she was not only recommended to us but she proved herself with the copy, she completely understood who our clients are, what we are trying to achieve and who we are at our core. We will continue to work with Claire and would be delighted to recommend her services." - Ann Allan, Middlethorpe Interiors
"I have known Claire for nearly two years and she writes articles and blogs for me about beer and the industry. I have received an excellent quality of writing and very happy to recommend Claire." - Mark Stredwick, Brewtown Tours
"I have attended 2 of Claire's workshops on Your Ideal Client and writing for my website. She is knowledgeable, works hard to help you 'find your voice' and clearly loves what she does." - Juliet Powell, Choice Therapy Events
"Sometimes you need someone to look at your work to find out how you can strengthen it further...Claire was professional, easy to get on with and raised many constructive points, which has enhanced the quality of my writing. She has natural people skills and takes a genuine interest in your work. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire's services to others." - Ellen, Little Seed Company
"Claire was the guest speaker at a meeting I attended, in the short space of time we had together I learned so much about improving the way we communicate with our potential client base and about writing business copy in general. Her friendly yet professional manner underlined her passion for writing and I felt instantly at ease. I look forward to attending some of the writing workshops that Claire is running in the future." - Sarah Cooper

Who I Work With

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