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In this fast moving, digital age, there are more opportunities than ever to attract the attention of potential clients.

You are passionate about what you do. You work hard to deliver a fantastic customer experience and can’t wait to introduce your ideas to your awaiting public.

Finding the right words can be difficult - fear of not getting it right is often paralysing. Sometimes we just don’t have enough time, or perhaps your business has evolved, making your existing copy irrelevant. Whether you are writing regular blog posts or pitching at a networking event - the stories you tell will directly influence the impact you achieve.

A great copywriter will work with you to help you achieve your goals. Fine tune your brand message, understand your ideal client and advise you on the value of a great content strategy. I recognise that every business is unique. My process is flexible, to fit with your long term goals and existing skill sets. Whether you require a professional to knuckle down and get the copy written or a consultant who will support you and your team in-house – I can help.

Every journalist appreciates the power of a memorable story. The best ones show potential customers that we understand their needs, share their worldview and demonstrate why we are different from the competition. This enables you to keep doing what you love, with the people who love what you do.

Each day is a new chapter. We all have a story to tell. Start telling yours.

My Story

As a writer and business storyteller, I provide copywriting services; consultancy and training to organisations in the north of England. I will help you understand the role of language and storytelling when building an authentic and engaging marketing plan.

Storytelling is a valuable marketing tool. As a published writer, I craft stories that show the care, hard work and passion you give to providing excellent quality products and services for your customers. I help you to understand which stories give your brand meaning; building customer loyalty and creating a sustainable business based on lasting results.

Before choosing to become a full-time writer, I worked as an Occupational Therapist for the NHS. This gives me a unique understanding of individual psychology, how emotion and experience shape our thinking and behaviour. This insight is a sound foundation for your marketing and business strategy, so together we can construct a message that acts to inspire, engage and create momentum.

My Services

I provide copywriting and editing packages, in-house business consultancy and training to help your business grow. From attention grabbing website copy to the stories your staff tell at the point of sale – together we will craft a message with meaning and power.

Our Story

Every business is different. We are all unique, with a variety of needs, priorities and objectives. Together we will tell an authentic story that creates momentum and drives sales. So that you can get the best out of my services I have developed a four step approach that allows us to get to know each other, agree on a set of goals and develop a cohesive long-term plan. You may join me on some or all of these steps as we collaborate.

I need to understand your business. Join me for a pot of tea and an initial getting to know you session where we can both decide whether we would like to work together going forward.

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  • Don’t forget the humble gooseberry – recipe
    I'm going to start by coming clean - I absolutely love gooseberries. Every summer I get excited about seeing them on the supermarket shelves and can't wait to grab the small crop from my local pick your own. But it appears that I'm alone in my devotion to the prickly berry from even pricklier bushes. It's true that they can't be eaten raw and require some level of cooking. But the process doesn't have to be complicated, and the reward is more than worth it. With just a little sugar and half an hour of your time, the tart gooseberry develops a floral, nostalgic flavour that can't be found elsewhere. They make a beautiful amethyst coloured jam that is delicious atop a plain scone. There's something about their flavour and aroma that conjures up notions of Victorian ladies in white cotton gloves, gossiping about the comings and goings of Ms Simmons over a cream tea. Indeed, we have been eating them since at least the medieval era. I picked up my first box of gooseberries yesterday, just in time to pair them with another old-fashioned favourite, elderflower. So before you decide that enough is enough of this gooseberry nonsense, try this quick and simple recipe for fridge jam. If you try it and you're still not convinced, I'll take my gooseberry crusade elsewhere.

    Gooseberry and Elderflower Spoon Jam


    300g of green gooseberries 40ml of boiled water 35g of caster sugar One head of elderflower - freshly picked and checked for crawlies


    Top and tail the gooseberries with a sharp knife. Place in a saucepan with the hot water and sugar. Stir well and put on a low heat. Hold the elderflower head over the pan and snip off the tiny flowers with a pair of scissors. Simmer gently for around 20 -30 minutes until the gooseberries have burst and the mixture is starting to thicken slightly. Place the fridge jam into an airtight container and leave to cool. The low level of sugar means that it will not keep in the same way as regular jam, so it must be kept in the fridge and consumed within the week - hence the name. Put a spoonful on top of a fresh scone, dollop it on natural yoghurt for a virtuous breakfast, or swirl through whipped cream and make gooseberry fool.   Looking for unique recipes to use in your content marketing? Call 07928122079 or email to find how I can help.
  • Do you need to hit the refresh button?
    I'm back to the keyboard after visiting the Herbs Unlimited team on their open day yesterday. Lots of delicious food from the ever brilliant Stephanie Moon, and a fascinating look at the care and hard work that goes into putting these beautiful herbs on our plates. The sweet cicely waffle with bacon and maple syrup will not be forgotten easily. I love the way that freelancing enables me to meet others doing fascinating work right on my doorstep. (Particularly when I get to indulge in my favourite pastime - eating!) With the day-to-day pressures that come from meeting client deadlines, paying the bills, business development (pile of business books anyone?) it's easy to forget that self-employment is about so much more than increasing our bottom line. Many of us chose to go down this route because we yearned for more than the 9-5 treadmill had to offer, and felt sure that doing it for ourselves would allow us to experience life in a totally different way. If we lose track of those early aspirations we can end up trapped on a treadmill of our own making. As much I love writing, I have been feeling far too busy recently, (for busy, read working like a headless chicken) and when the invitation to attend yesterday's event came I also turned it down. The chance to eat, drink and meet other people who love business and food - and I almost didn't go. It's crackers. I am so glad that I did attend. I find taking time out with others both inspiring and energising. As a writer I need to get out there and live, otherwise, I run the risk of having nothing interesting to say. As well as finding out more about the excellent work that goes on behind the scenes at Herbs Unlimited, yesterday reminded me of the reasons why I got into this game in the first place. I have come back to a long to-do list. But I approach it with a totally different mindset to the one that I had on Monday. That has to be good for everyone, including my valuable clients. Are you trying to do everything but feel like you are achieving nothing? Struggling to find the right words to promote your business? Need a copywriter to take the strain? Get in touch for coffee and a chat via or call 07928122079.
  • Questions to answer in your marketing copy – B2B.

    Writing copy for a business audience

    The principles behind good copy apply whatever your audience. People are just people after all, with a number of emotional and illogical impulses that influence their buying habits. However. If your client is a business owner, there are practical questions that will need answering before they make a purchase. Here are a few pointers to help you write copy that sells.

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