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In a fast moving, digital age there are more opportunities than ever to attract the attention of potential clients. You are passionate about what you do and work hard to deliver great customer experience. You can’t wait to get out there and introduce your ideas to the wider public. You can see the value of a great content led marketing plan.

Finding the right words can be difficult - fear of not getting it right is often paralysing. Sometimes we just don’t have enough time. Whether you are writing regular blog posts or pitching at a networking event - the stories you tell will directly influence the impact you achieve.

Every good journalist appreciates the power of a memorable story. The best ones show potential customers that we understand their needs, share their world view and demonstrate why we are different from the competition. This allows you to keep doing what you love with the people who love what you do.

Each day is a new chapter. We all have a story to tell. Start telling yours.

My Story

Storytelling is a valuable medium in both life and business. I work with independent businesses around Yorkshire to help them understand the important role of language in building an authentic and engaging marketing plan. I recognise that every business is unique so my services are designed to fit with your long term goals and existing skill sets.

As a published writer I can craft stories that show the care, hard work and passion you give to providing excellent quality products and services for your customers. I will help you understand which stories give your brand meaning; building customer loyalty and creating a sustainable business based on long term results.

Before choosing to become a full time writer I worked within our National Health Service as an Occupational Therapist. This gives me a unique understanding of individual psychology, how emotion and experience shape our thinking and behaviour - and importantly - how the stories we hear act to inspire, engage and create momentum.

My Services

I provide support through copywriting and editing services, 121 mentoring and small group workshops and brand story packages. From attention grabbing website copy to inspirational speaker at a conference for thousands – we will unearth the stories that you can tell with confidence and authenticity.

Our Story

Every business is different. You are all unique, with a variety of needs, priorities and long term goals. Working together we will develop our own unique story. So that you can get the best out of my services I have developed a four step approach that allows us to get to know each other, agree a set of goals and develop a cohesive long term plan. You may join me on some or all of these steps as we work together.

Before we work together I'd like to know about your business, I invite you tell me all about your business and what you are looking to achieve over a pot of tea. This is an initial getting to know you session where we can both decide whether we would like to work together going forward.

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  • Three ways that stories and spoken word have an impact on your brand
    The 27th of January to the 3rd of February marks National Storytelling Week. Established in 2000 by The Society for Storytelling, this annual event seeks to promote the oral tradition of storytelling, celebrating this powerful way of "communicating life experiences and the creative imagination." We engage with stories every day. A good story grabs attention and takes the listener on a journey, engaging people on an emotional level. They help us understand our place in the world with common themes such as heartbreak, frustration, joy and humility. Communities are built as we bond over shared experiences. From the time we embarrassed ourselves in front of a crowd of people, to hard-won childhood scars - everyone has a story to tell.

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  • A Recipe for Whole Fruit Orange Preserve
    With its cheerful colour, refreshing taste and floral scent the orange is a welcome change from the plethora of root veg and dark, earthy greens of winter. Spanish citrus season provides fruits that are deliciously sweet and relatively inexpensive to buy. A well-travelled fruit with origins in China and India; the orange first came to Europe along with the Romans, hitching a ride to Spain and Portugal with Moorish conquests in the 8th century. Rich Britains got their first taste as the orange found its way onto the banquet tables of Tudor England. As the bitter tasting Seville also came into season this month, now is the time for marmalade making in many households. I’m particularly keen on the Pam Corbin recipe from the River Cottage handbook 'Preserves'. Recently I fancied a change so opted to follow our Tudor ancestors by turning the whole fruit into a thick, unctuous preserve. While Henry VIII might have eaten this as part of a large final course of sweetmeats and fine desserts, I’m sure you will find your own uses for this deliciously bittersweet conserve.

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  • Clootie Pudding – The traditional Burns Night pudding
    I was a latecomer to haggis but instantly converted. People can be a little squeamish about eating offal these days, but it strikes me that the rich mix of spices and otherwise unused animal parts fits perfectly with the modern sensibility of reducing food waste. Everything but the oink as the old saying goes. But there is more to a Burns Night meal than the haggis. The next question has to be – what else would my Scottish neighbours eat to celebrate their most beloved poet?

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